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 Ventrilo for BloodFist in Tera.

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PostSubject: Ventrilo for BloodFist in Tera.   Fri 16 Mar - 20:42

Hello this is Demos and I would like to inform you all who is in BloodFist and who will be joining our ranks about the Ventrilo server that I have been working on. It can be logged on by anyone who have the information below.

Port: 3784
Password: BF2013 <---- That is for every guest.

There's in total 1000 slots in the Ventrilo. But something I don't know is that if it will actually take 1000 people. The only thing to see is to try to get it to a lot in the Ventrilo.

Yours Truly(Not really)


P.S. Before I forget. Please join the Ventrilo with the NAME that you will be using in BloodFist in Tera. Thank you.

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PostSubject: Re: Ventrilo for BloodFist in Tera.   Sat 24 Mar - 1:05

Sweet deal! Smile

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Ventrilo for BloodFist in Tera.
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