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 Game information

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PostSubject: Game information   Thu 8 Mar - 21:01

Official website:

-<Game Information>-

-<Gameplay Videos>-
Sorcerer PoV:
Archer PoV:
Priest PoV:
Warrior and Sorcerer PoV:

Props to Iron and Demos for the awesome videos and music.

We are currently on server Serpentis Isle (PvE) looking foward to change for PvP server as we see fit.
If you are willing to play with us, i hope your PC is strong enough. This game uses Unreal Engine 3 - i recommend 4gb of ram DDR2 or 3, 1gb DDR5 GPU, Quad Core 2.4 + altho a 3.5 duo core might be enough.

Tera is an MMORPG with true action combat. It's very similar to WoW or any other MMOs but its combat is where it stands from others.


Im kind of a ''Big Deal'' and a local celebrity.
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Game information
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